Vendredi 19 août 2011

The Wedding Food

The Wedding Food

More and more couples are requesting food that they recognize. Tuna tartare, sliders, and truffle fries in cones have been very popular recently, commented Stella Haral, catering manager. The cocktail hour is the perfect opportunity to incorporate miniature versions of your everyday favorites. Try cheeseburger, crab cake, meatball, and chicken parmigiana sliders.

Thomas Casella, from Nanina’s in the Park, agrees that serving comfort food with an elegant twist is not only a trend wedding dresses but a great way to help calm your guests grumbling stomachs. He recommends having butlers pass stuffed pork loin and miniature meatloaves.

Extraordinary food displays

Most banquet facilities offer a variety of add- ons to your wedding package that can really enhance your reception. Your cocktail hour is the time to present your guests with a variety of options to satisfy their hungry bellies until dinner is served. You want to make a fine impression, set the wedding gowns tone for the rest of your celebration, and solidify your theme. Explore the numerous stations and displays that can enhance you cocktail hour.

If you and your fiancé are fish lovers, a sea food bar would be a great addition to your cocktail hour. You can serve jumbo shrimp in ice gondolas, New Zealand mussels on the half shell, and oyster shooters, creating a beautiful display of seafood choices for your guests. Sushi bars with attendants rolling goddess dresses right in front of guests are quiet popular as well, and they make for beautiful displays.

Robert Zweben, proprietor comments that ceviche bars are becoming quite popular. Ceviche is a seafood dish typically made from fresh raw fish marinated in citrus juices and spiced with chili peppers. Top your sea food, sushi, or ceviche bar with stunning ice sculpture Cocktail Dresses.

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Jeudi 18 août 2011

Dresses and Gowns

Dresses and Gowns


Unique and innovative, this bridal boutique features exquisite gowns. Besides personalized attention, they also offer bridesmaids dresses, accessories and jewelry.


Providing a fresh bridesmaid dress alternative, featuring upscale, modern options from top designers around the globe. Collections Simple Silhouettes, Coren Moore and more. Greenbrier


When translated from Italian parvani vida means 'beautiful life' and inside of this bridal salon you'll discover beautiful wedding dresses wedding gowns perfect to begin a new life as a couple. You'll also find many bridesmaids dresses, mother-of-the-bride gowns, tuxedos, flower girls and accessories.


Mariee Bridal offers private appointments from expert bridal consultants. Their French inspired boutique features oversized dressing rooms, elegant chandeliers and a signature runway to showcase the full luxe bridal experience.


Featuring professional consultants offer an expansive selection of gowns from bridal designers.


Inside this Soho-esque boutique awaits 2000 square feet of gorgeous gowns by Oscar de la Renta. Melissa Sweet. Angel Sanchez. Elizabeth Fillmore.


For more than 25 years. Priscilla of Boston has been an important name in bridal gowns and their designs are just as gorgeous as ever. The elegant Uptown Park salon offers accessories and bridesmaid and flower girl dresses.


From monogram cake toppers and elegant bridal gown sashes, to wedding favors and bridal veils, and custom crystal tees and tanks. Advantage Bridal has everything the bride to be needs. This web boutique a xhref="">goddess dresses ships worldwide. Engraved groomsmen gifts and personalized bridesmaids gifts are also available.


These classically trained makeup artists create one-of-a-kind looks using Hollywood level products and luxury cosmetic lines. With a proven track record, they offer nothing less than perfection bridesmaid dresses plus size.

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Mercredi 17 août 2011

Comedy Events on Wedding

Comedy Events on Wedding

A grand luxurious wedding is just a mundane thing of us. Some comedy events are inevitable. Here we offer some comedy things for everyone to share together. You smile while Bo, so that prospective new people to find preventive measures in future.

1 Immediately salute and the ring could not find

You can imitate a certain movie wedding dresses scene, brow the rings from the elders. That must be special.

2 You are too nervous and not go in the ring

Then you can practice for some more times before the wedding.

3 Bride's wedding dress too heavy and long, she was tripped.

When customized wedding dress, you can think out a small ideas. You can let the front skirt slightly off the ground, which can avoid such embarrassing things. Or, in advance, you can communicate with the master of ceremonies, he can think some words to hide the embarrassing wedding gowns thing.

4 The parents come to give a speech, but they read the wrong names of the relatives by marriage

Well, you can apologize after the speech. Practice makes perfect, is the best way to avoid such things.

5 lost connection with the wedding car

You can call it back immediately. Of course, you must first ensure that the careless driver's cell phone number is on the wedding list of the Preparatory Committee.

6 The small flower girl is terrified by the parade of wedding

"Out of control sister" is goddess dresses coming to the scene, you just can pull her to the side of good words to console, is there any good way to do it?

7 witnesses is too nervous to read the groom's name wrong

Let the wrong be the wrong. The more explanation may be lead to more mistakes. Anyway, the wedding table will have the groom's name publicized.

8 in order to match with the wedding dress and temperament, specifically to buy high heels but heel is broken

You can prepare a pair Cocktail Dresses of high heels to prevent such occasion.

9 few couples hold wedding in the same hotel, the money is given to the wrong reception desk

What a petty, you can ask it back. Or you should prepare for another money for the couples.

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Mardi 16 août 2011

Fashion and Beautiful Wedding on Aegean Coast

Fashion and Beautiful Wedding on Aegean Coast
Blue Aegean water tells everlasting affection. The sea wind breezes the dreaming white house, this is Mykonos, the island closest to paradise in Greece. In the international institutions Floris Special Events meticulous planning, Mykonos ushers in a limitless love of the Aegean sun wedding.
Like Hermes porcelain pattern, the woven jacquard on gold and ivory wedding dress is sophisticated and elegant, dignified wedding dresses and brings out the bride's mysterious. Crochet shawl is free to pull on the arm, the large bronze goddess bracelet shows the bride temperament, aeruginous turquoise necklace and bracelet with color harmony, is the crowning touch to the body.
Bright yellow ribbon matches with the light yellow card face, let the invites cards full layering of color; ribbon of smooth texture, and the use of hand weaving of substrates bring big contrast of hand feeling wedding gowns. The exquisite and simple integration echo the wedding style.
Bright yellow peony and yellow tansy, with the usage of light and deep color produced a visual sense. With the fresh green hydrangea, it shows the entire bouquet of dazzling vitality. Against the backdrop of yellow ribbons, it more attracts everyone's attention.
As a sign of Greek goddess dresses hospitality, wedding reception lemonade bar is an essential venue for the locals. Fresh lemon with rich juice, Ivy League of United Kingdom and yellow peony flowers are soaked in a glass jar in the bottom cone, like most of the ancient Greek myth of the holy water cure. It is said that when the guests drink the honey lemon juice, it means the newlyweds shared the good times together.
As a gift given to guests, of course, the goods should be full of local characteristics is preferred. Mother of pearl, sterling silver four-leaf clover accessories is simple and lovely. But as Greece's most distinctive turquoise "evil eye" of course cannot miss. It will always look after the bridesmaid dresses plus size legendary people's happiness, brings good luck. But also white pebbles, and local well-known yellow marzipan, they are all put into the yellow square gift box, and then with yellow ribbons, so exquisite gift will let guests love it.
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Lundi 15 août 2011

The Dowry of Wedding

The Dowry of Wedding

Now the varieties of wedding supplies on the market will make people confused. And do not know where to start. Then, how to choose comfortable and elegant and affordable wedding bedding is most concern by the new couples. Recommended for everyone some tips for buying the small wedding supplies. Let us learn it together.

Choose Wedding bedding need to consider the following three elements: according to the actual situation, considering wedding dresses whether to choose a full range of wedding packages; according to the economic situation, considering choosing wedding bedding grade; another thing to consider coordination with the style of home decoration, combined with your own style preferences and tone.

First, the principle of purchase

Practical, green and healthy is the wedding gowns principle. From the view of practical, to buy four small suite of bedding is more convenient to pack and laundry. The best choice is the core chooses the natural material such as silk is popular in recent years. The four seasons are available. While others such as wool, down blankets are good for our health sleep.

Second, the material selection

Cotton is the most common and goddess dresses appropriate. Now the bedding often uses a 40 combed cotton yarn fabrics products. The plain and twill is smooth gentle, which is suitable for spring and summer; and nap and satin fabrics is warm, which use in fall and winter is suit.

Third, the brand and quality

About 1 / 3 of the time of person's life are spent in bed, then the quality of the bedding direct impact people's health and mental state. So be sure to choose the brand manufacturers and quality products. At the same time, the comfort should be consideration well.

Fourth, the size and color

The size is according to the marriage Cocktail Dresses bed has been bought and lifestyle to determine. Some couples who used to be a single person with a quilts, while others are double. In addition, the rooms for the gusts also need to prepare two sets. When wedding, people will be used to buy big red bedding, which means happy and prosperous. Usually, you can choose the type of floral or light system, there is a warm feeling bridesmaid dresses plus size of home.

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Samedi 13 août 2011

The Honeymoon Destination Most Suitable for Women

The Honeymoon Destination Most Suitable for Women
What are women most interested in? They like to enjoy the beautiful scenery and can enjoy the delicious at the same time. When tired, they can relax thought yoga and finally can shopping. In the shopping center can dress up her beautiful. Exclusive women's world honeymoon destinations, there must have one to make you reconsider. Then you can go with your Mr. Right.
1 Florence, Italy, art appreciation
The women loving art in here like the fish wedding dresses such as drinking water. The world's top fine art works and architecture gathered here. The Michelangelo's "David", Florence Victoria Palace and Gio Sandro Botticelli's "Birth of Venus" are all here. You can travel by your own. You can travel with the group. But you must remember that after enjoy the spirit food and then you should enjoy the food of Florence. A cup of Italian ice-cream sweetness (gelato) is good. After all, no woman can refuse the temptation of sweets. And then a cup of hot chocolate, walk wedding gowns through the Arnold River, you will revel in the fragrant beauty of food and pleasing to the eye.
2 Miami, USA South Coast
The girls like the focus and act as a focus rush to the south coast of Miami. Here is the best venue to show off attractive appearance. On the white sand beach you can show the hot bikini show and go to the wild nightclubs to showcase your beautiful makeup and clothing. Miami also has a well-known Key goddess dresses, is the most beautiful scenery city land. This island is Key Biscayne. The scenery of both sides of the Rickenbacker Causeway is the prettiest of South Florida. To travel Key Biscayne, you should pay one dollar to through the bridge. But just enjoy the sea on both sides has won the value of the fare.
5. New York, Shopping
Women are born as shopaholics. Come here, they come to heaven. Whether the design of high-end brand or generic discount goods, whether written or electronic products, all kinds of merchandise tracks bridesmaid dresses plus size can be found in the New York. From the SOHO area to Madison Avenue, Fifth Avenue luxury jewelry stores, you will not want to miss anyone.
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